Your garage door plays a big role in making your home more secure. It also functions as a convenient entryway for you and your car. The automatic lifting of your door with just a flick of a remote makes your entry and exit easier, making it an essential tool for your modern living. However, due to constant usage and varying weather conditions, your garage door is prone to damage such as: rusting, cable snaps and dents. Perfect Solutions Garage Door Citrus Heights is ready to help you with your garage door repairs, with well-trained technicians whom you can trust.

Common Garage Door Problems
There are many problems your garage door may suffer from, and one of these is a stuck door. When your garage door does not fully close at an angle, its panels may be suffering from worn-out pulleys or frayed cables. The mechanism that opens and closes the door may not be fully operational on that side. Your Perfect Solutions Garage Door Citrus Heights expert can aid you in assessing the problem and help you decide whether repair or replacement is better.

A jammed door is another problem; this occurs when it does not close nor open on key. A broken cable or a bent track may cause this problem, along with springs that may not be functioning properly. When the door closes with a loud thud before it stops working, there may be broken springs which requires an expert’s hand in order to be resolved. We at Perfect Solutions Garage Door Citrus Heights check the door’s mechanics and make sure that everything will run smoothly after it has been professionally repaired.

Repair and Replacement Services Whenever You Need It
Our experienced staff is ready to take on the job whenever, wherever in Citrus Heights. We are happy to serve you with our community-centric service, aiding you in solving your garage door problems in the most efficient way possible. Our lines are open 24/7 and each of our personnel is dedicated in bringing you affordable solutions for your garage doors. We have teamed up with different garage door brands and parts to ensure that these components are available whenever you need them.

Alongside repair and maintenance, our experts are also capable of installing new garage doors for residential and commercial properties. We are your local professionals when it comes to building a well-structured garage door, adding form and function to your property. Our highly trained staff is ready to assist you with all your needs, including maintenance. Call us for a free estimate.

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